Stadium Sales

The B7 2015 was the last one organized by Baerbel and me. The B7 will be continued by Rainer and Fabi, but of course in a different format.

So we sold the custom made stadiums after the B7 2015 and I’m happy to say that nearly all of them found a nice new home in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Of course we would appreciate if you send us pics showing them in action!




Current bid:

Click on the pic to get a closer look




Stadium 1:
The “Superdome”

My first stadium is still used as “Table 1” with the castle elements attached. Even though they are made from “Plaster of Paris” they survived 15 years. I hope this stadium will find a new home and will be used at other tournaments...




Stadium 2:
Amazon Stadium

The second stadium was for my wifes Amazon-team






Stadium 3:
The Shire Stadium

For my Halfling team I built this stadium.






Stadium 4:
Deluxe Stadium

This box was designed by Wolfgang Zeller and built by a professional carpenter.





Stadium 5:
Khemri Stadium

For the Khemri team I built this stadium. It’s the first time I arranged the dugouts on the sidelines.






Stadium 6:
Chaos Stadium

For this stadium I tested first time numbers as line markers.






Stadium 7:
Lizard Stadium

For the Lizardmen I used kind of resin to get the “wet glossy” swamp look.






Stadium 8:
Orc Stadium

Using Hirstarts moulds I built this modular dicetower.





Stadium 9:
Dwarf Stadium

The pitch is made of resin parts. The walls are made of foam.





Stadium 10:
Transportable 1

For flights with airplane I built this stadium. Made of epoxy and aluminium frame it’s quite sturdy.





Stadium 11:
Transportable 2

And of course Baerbel needed also one...





Stadium 12:
Oger Stadium

Having a lot of big guys on the pitch can be a challenge. So I built this stadium with 40mm squares. It comes with an adjusted rangeruler template.






Stadium 13:
Highelf Stadium

My first try to adapt the “High-elfish-look” from Warhammer.






Stadium 14:
Skaven Stadium

For my Skaven team I built this one and I still like the water effect.






Stadium 15:
Darkelf Stadium

This box is higher than normal to fit the integrated scoring wheels on the entrance side.





Stadium 16:
Ice Stadium

I copied the idea from a Hamburg guy and the effect of scratched acrylic is still great.






Stadium 17:
Norse Stadium

This stadium I built for Baerbels Norse team and is one of my most favourite ones...





Stadium 18:
Tilespacer Stadium

The first stadium I used static grass. And for the markings I used tile spacers. Cutting them was a hell of work.





Stadium 19:
Grass Stadium

The second stadium using static grass, but this time again airbrush and template for the markings.





Stadium 20:
Weather Tower

Be aware: The 5 painted minis are not included! If you pay me 1000 € for them, then you can have them of course ;-)

There are 5 rooms for each weather condition




Stadium 21:
Woodelf Stadium

The biggest and heavist stadium. The effect of the pitch was exactly what I wanted, but the sidelines should be optimized. The score and reroll marker are difficult to see.



Stadium 22:
Marina Bay

Living for over 3 years in Singapore I had to built this stadium. The pitch is made of Styrofoam and very light. And I really like the way for the markings.






Stadium 23:
Temple Stadium

And this is my favourite way to build a pitch without having airbrush and template. After the Marina Bay stadium I started this pitch by glueing step by step each field with static grass.
The temple is not finished, but maybe somebody else will finish it.



Stadium 24:
Foldable Prototype

This is the first folable box, made of MPX. It contains a box for the miniatures.




Stadium 25:
Foldable MPX

Perfect for travelling by car or train I built a second one for Baerbel




Stadium 26:
Foldable Poplar Stadium

I wanted to test different wood and pitch. So I used poplar instead of MPX and a thin layer of styrofoam for the pitch.




Stadium 27:
Deathbowl Stadium

Always used in the evenings at the B7 by 4 coaches.






Stadium 28:
Bridgebowl Stadium

I played only once on this “stadium”. The rules were designed by Ithilkir and they are still available.