These were th erules we used in the last years till 2015:

The Rules:

  • All teams must be rookie teams with a starting value of 1.100.000 gold pieces (and not less, so no inducements). Keep in mind that a FF of 0 is now allowed.
  • The latest ruleset of 2010 will be used. This is the “BB Competition Rules Pack”.
  • You can use the 3 new races: Slann, Chaos Pact, Underworld Teams.
  • Wizards, Star Players, Freebooters or other inducements are not allowed.
  • Halfling teams are allowed to buy their master chef for 100.000 gold pieces. He is a permanent part of the team and useable in all 6 matches.
  • The coaches will be paired using the Swiss format, i.e. based on their ranking after each round. You'll never play the same coach twice.
  • All casualties that have been inflicted on your team are wiped away at the end of the game.
  • Before each game (after you know the opponents race) you may pick a normal skill (no doubles) and give it to one of your players. Only one skill per player maximum and only skills from their available skill categories.
  • We will not use the 4 minute time rule. Instead you'll have about 2 hours to complete the match. We'll inform you if you need to speed up. I don't expect this to happen, but we reserve the right to cut a game short if you really go beyond limits.
  • We don't force you to use the turn marker illegal procedure call. If both coaches want it in effect, so it is. Otherwise you just remind your opponent if he forgets his turn marker.
  • You need to bring with you at least 2 copies of your Team Roster.
  • We will try to provide real stadiums instead of cardboard pitches for each tournament table.
  • The whole event area is a strictly non-smoking area.
  • The decision of the Referee is final and no discussion will be entered into.
  • The primary purpose of our tournament is to get together so that we can play our favourite game, meet other players who share our interests and have a lot of fun.
  • Sueddeutsche BB Meisterschaft (SBBM)

    In 2015 the B7 was part of the Tournament Series “Sueddeutsche Blood Bowl Meisterschaft”. All coaches can gain points on these tournaments:

  • White Star Cup, Weissenburg, 31.1./1.2.2015
  • Royal RumBBL, Berg-Farchach, 7./8.3.2015
  • Big Boys Battle, Lindau, 14.05.2015
  • B7, Boeblingen, 27./28.06.2015
  • Heiner Bowl, Darmstadt, 22./23. August 2015
  • Ghost Bowl, Ingolstadt, September/Oktober 2015
  • Baden Basho, Karlsruhe, November 2015
  • Here you can find the infos: SBBM-Turniere
    Infos can also be found here:
    Link on the NAF site

    Stunty Cup:

    We will join the Stunty Cup and award the best stunty team. Following teams are allowed:

  • Halflings
  • Goblins
  • Ogres (maximum 4 Ogres)
  • Lizards (Skinks and Kroxigor)
  • Underworld (without Skaven)
  • The Winning Points:

  • Win 4 points
  • Draw 2 points
  • Loose by 1 TD difference 1 point
  • Loss by 2 or more TD difference 0 points
  • Concede -2 points
  • Painting 2 points when the team is completely painted (this means several colours are used on all miniatures). The painting points are added after the 6 games.
  • As a tiebreaker the netto touchdowns (made - taken) will be used first. If that's not enough we will use the netto casualties. If even that brings us to a tie we will start looking at the touchdowns made, touchdowns taken, casualties made and casualties taken in the order mentioned.