Aside the trophies for the winner we provided in the past years also several goodies for all attendees.

The Goodies

It started with our “B7 memorial coins” for each tournament from 2004 till 2015

In 2005 we produced our famous crystal clear green B7 dices

In 2006 we provided a limited mini from Assassin.


In 2007 we provided special dices from Impact

In 2008 we provided our first B7 mini. The ratrunner:

In 2009 we provided the B7 Elfrunner and a B7 ball


In 2010 we provided the “LRB7” which contains the current ruleset and additional B7 informations


In 2011 we provided the B7 Flesh Golem


In 2012 we provided the B7 Ghoul


In 2013 we provided the B7 Zombie


In 2014 we provided the B7 D8 dice


Several times we provided the B7 Prone/ Stunned marker


Several times we provided the B7 foldable rangeruler


Several times we provided B7 beermats


Several times we provided B7 spike balls


We provided the wooden B7 scatter template


We provide yellow laserengraved B7 dices