B7 2007

B7 2007

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    The Prizes:

  • B7 2007 Champion
  • B7 2007 Runner Up
  • B7 2007 Most Touchdowns
  • B7 2007 Most Casualties
  • B7 2007 Best Painted Team
  • B7 2007 Best Stadium
  • B7 2007 Wooden Spoon
  • Each coach got 2 of the lovely green crystal B7 dices

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    Each coach who played all 6 games got a “B7 2007 Memorial Coin”.

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    And 2007 every coach got a set of green crystal Impact! blocking dice

    Aside of our lovely painted B7 balls, every coach got 1 randomly selected NAF ball!

    Thanks to the NAF approvement of our tournament and our good connection to the NAF president we could also provide this rare NAF trophy to the winner.

    Many thanks to our sponsors !